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Premiere help with urgent need to house the Bristol homeless

Premiere the kitchen and furniture manufacturing arm of the Markey Group were contacted on the 20th April by the Supply Contracts Manager at one of their long-standing partners, Bristol City Council. The Council had 40 properties that were empty, that they wished to fit out quickly so they could house local homeless people in them during Covid-19. Premiere knew that they had to play our part and rapidly set about working out a plan that would enable us to produce the kitchens they so urgently needed. Risk assessments and method statements were produced to ensure as much as possible was considered in advance. A number of Premiere employees were un-furloughed for the required amount of time and their working hours staggered to reduce number of staff on site. Goods inwards in first one day, then cutting and edging of carcass components and doors, drawers the next, then the team responsible for assembly and eventually delivery.

Social distancing guidelines were totally respected, PPE equipment sourced and the health and safety of our colleagues and those of their business partners was paramount throughout. Premiere even devised a method of offloading that ensured the 2 metre distancing was maintained. All the kitchens were delivered across 2 days, to reduce number of people needed at our clients, just 4-5 days from the initial request – demonstrating our flexibility we got our business back up and running for this urgent task and then reduced it again. With their support Bristol City Council were able to fit and complete these properties and start to house the most vulnerable members of our society. Andy Barham, Managing Director, Premiere commented: “All our staff were proud to support the huge effort Great Britain is showing in all being in this together. I am immensely proud of the way they responded and the way in which we were able to help our client in their hour of need. I know that Bristol City Council were hugely grateful that we were able to supply such a quality product, so swiftly to help support their supply chain and goals”.

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