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Gloucestershire Businesses Working Together to Create a Sustainable Future

Mypower is awarded the project to install 1 MegaWatt (MW) of roof-top Solar PV on Markey Group’s head office in Gloucestershire.

Following Markey Group’s significant sustainability investments earlier this year, the Gloucestershire business has since announced that they will fit up to 1 MW of solar PV to their roof at their head office in Hardwicke. The green energy generated by the solar PV system will power the construction, manufacturing and Group services divisions of the business including the entire building, production line and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points.

Paul Markey (Markey Group) and Neil Stott (Mypower) on the roof of Markey Group HQ

Partnering Locally

The project was awarded to Toddington based, Solar PV Professionals, Mypower, to design, install and commission the vast system. Mypower were recently awarded National Solar PV Installer and Contractor of the Year 2020/2021 at the Energy Efficiency Awards in February 2022.

Neil Stott, Mypower’s Business Development Director, and Project Manager for the installation, said “We’re delighted to have started work on Markey Group’s Premiere Kitchens site. We’ve been engaged with Markey Group for a little over 12 months, taking the initial concept through design, planning permission, grid permission, through to the current installation phase. The roof is vast, which is fortunate as it will allow us to install over 2,400 solar PV panels to provide over 25% of the site’s annual electricity needs, as well as earning a sizeable income from excess solar-generated electricity being exported to the grid”

Generating Clean Low-cost Energy

The 1MW solar PV system will generate approximately 850,000kWh of electricity per annum, helping the Markey Group avoid over 178 Tonnes of CO2e emissions annually, equivalent to 231 long-haul flights[1]. 67% of the generation will be used onsite, helping to significantly reduce Markey Group’s exposure to the huge price rises we have seen recently in grid-supplied electricity.

Paul Markey, Managing Director of Markey Group said “Throughout the tender process Mypower shone above the rest with their attention to detail and understanding of our business. Along with a number of sustainability initiatives and energy-saving measures the installation of the system will drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the kitchens manufactured on-site and support Premiere and Markey Group on their road to net-zero”.

Front of Markey Group HQ

[1] Our long-haul flight of choice is London to San Francisco, a distance of 8,619.80 km (calculated using Distance To). Using the UK government’s greenhouse gas report from 2017 This flight emits 0.15119 kg per km of CO2 per person seated in economy class. This means the total flight emissions for one person is 1303.23 kg (1.3 tonnes).

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