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  • Operating sustainably

  • Markey Group goes to great lengths to source and supply environmentally-friendly products and manage its supply chain sustainably.

    We always endeavour to source materials locally and to buy wood only from companies who supply FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified products.

    Whilst most of our suppliers are recognised as world-class manufacturers we still carry out regular reviews of their environmental credentials by checking policies and accreditations.

    We are committed to recycling and Premiere, our kitchen and furniture manufacturing company, even produces a kitchen range which is 100 per cent recyclable.

    To help reduce our carbon footprint, we operate a fleet of vehicles ranging from small vans to 14 tonne lorries. This ensures we always have the right vehicle for the job, therefore reducing empty loads and our impact on pollution and congestion.

  • Supply Chain

    FACT - Fifty-five per cent of Premiere’s supply chain is located within 60 miles of our facility and all are UK based.

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